Out of adversity comes opportunity

The story of BlueGem's founder

Kevin Nguyen’s work ethic was founded out of a very poor upbringing in Vietnam. Foraging for food and constantly inventing ways of getting the most out of meagre family possessions inadvertently gave him a strong foundation for his new life in Australia.

From a very young age, Kevin always had a keen interest in building, architecture, and design, taking on work such as church renovations prior to flying to Australia in 1996 as an enthusiastic 23-year-old. He plunged himself into the building industry within the Vietnamese community focusing on custom home building.

Soon he realized that some builders were exploiting the community’s vulnerability delivering inferior buildings at unfair prices. Meeting Kevin you quickly become aware of his deep sense of justice and pursuit of quality. This ethic drove him into action, assisting his community to fight for fairness and justice. Kevin’s life and purpose in Australia have taken shape as a builder determined to deliver quality homes. He is truly thankful for the opportunities his new home has given him and is now a very proud and hard working Australian. He believes in designing and building quality homes for everyone, so he has brought together a highly experienced and professional team including designers, builders, and managers to focus on this goal.

At the risk of sounding cliché, Kevin believes the key to a successful home building project is based on taking the time to really listen to the client. He also believes that with the right approach Bluegem can design and build a home that meets the client’s desired requirements and budget. He’s not afraid of the truth either, so right from the outset, he’ll tell you whether he can deliver to your expectations. If he’s unable to, he will offer alternative suggestions.

Green Smart

We’re dedicated to looking after our environment, better thermal design and lower energy costs.

Fixed Price

Find out the cost of building your home with us with a fixed price quote that we’ll actually honour.

10 Year Structural

When you build with Bluegem Homes, you don’t just get an amazing service experience, you also get peace of mind.


Accredited inspections at every build stage, assurance of quality construction on every build we do.

Code Of

We care about our reputation. Our strong code of ethics is  followed closely by our team to ensure every customer experience is a positive one.

As members of the following reputable design and construction associations in Australia, we are committed to the strong ethical standards of these associations: