How to Choose the Best Builder

In our first blog post, we described in detail a common dilemma in the building industry that leads to disappointments and in most cases angry home owners who blame the builder for cost and time blow-outs.

Building your custom home is a major exercise and it can become a real headache without careful planning and thorough monitoring of the execution. It requires expertise and attention to detail from everyone involved in the process including the designer or architect, the builder and any craftsmen involved in the development. Having said that, it also requires clear communication between the owners and everyone involved. Detailed documentation and a clear Scope of Work are essential to avoid problems later on.

At Bluegem we use a simple but efficient process to deliver an accurate set of documents, fully reflecting in detail the expectations of our client for not only their protection but ours as well. From the initial meeting with our client, our team, which is made up of estimators, builders, and designers, work together to ensure that the Scope of Work fits within our client’s budget. Where we are unable to achieve this, we provide options for the client to assist them in making decisions as to what they can or can’t afford to include in the work.

Your Checklist for Choosing the Best Home Builder

So in order to provide you with some key points to look out for when you select a builder we have compiled a brief checklist:

  • Find an experienced person to draw your plans – check their credibility before appointing them.
  • Is the builder able to show you examples of their work?
  • Ask about their approach and policy in regards to building variations – make sure you are happy with their conditions.
  • Ensure that:
    • you spend quality time communicating with your designer/builder what your expectations are in the design and standard of finishes.
    • these expectations are detailed in a comprehensive document known as a Scope of Works (builder’s instructions) which clearly specify what will be built for you.
  • Is the builder prepared to listen to what your needs are, accommodate your specific situation and work with you to thoroughly create the Scope of Work?

The Bluegem Homes systems approach, which eliminates opportunities for underquoting and/or misunderstandings, forms part of our very own quality assurance program. This is a “win win” for both parties. The client will always know exactly what we will be building for them and what the cost will be for, right down to the colour of each wall, tile selections, tap selections and so on.

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