Creating a palace out of a shoe box

Mary and Neil have been collecting ideas for their luxury residence for a long time, including completing some past building projects on their own. So this time it’s a big deal for them both with the culmination of everything they have done before. But there’s one problem – all of their ideas don’t seem to fit into the size of the existing house.
This is where Bluegem’s General Manager came into his own. He helped turn Mary and Neil’s dreams into a reality.
To achieve Mary and Neil’s vision he had to think about the project as a jigsaw puzzle where ongoing solutions gave way to the next.  Jim knew that Council would not approve of the completed designs if submitted as a single application. Jim’s solution was simple. He broke up the design into 3 separate and distinct sections. After the first section was approved by Council, he then added the next stage, got the approval and then finally added the third and last section. Three pieces of a jigsaw puzzle placed together to give the full picture.
By thinking outside the square, Jim was able to successfully bring together all of Mary and Neil’s ideas they had been collecting over the years and deliver their dream home.