Feng Shui is based on traditional Chinese philosophy which states that every single object in the world possess a special type of energy called Qi.
It is an ancient art that is all about promoting a balanced and happy life by strategically placing different objects around your home to direct the flow of positive energy. In doing so – you can easily bring luck, wealth and prosperity into your home by creating the perfect environment for positive energy to flourish.
Core to Feng Shui is something known as a Bagua (meaning eight-sided) map that lays out the nine separate areas of energy in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui - Ying & Yang

Each spot in your home is associated with a different aspect of your life and by strategically placing certain items in specific areas, you can channel positive energy and divert negative energy from specific areas of your life.
That brings us to the question – how do you get started with Feng Shui for your home?
Well, here are a few quick tips for beginners to get you started:

Open Your Front Door
In Feng Shui, energy is known to flow through your front door so an open and inviting pathway allows positive energy to flow into your home. If the entryway is cut- off or cluttered, it can stagnate the flow of positive energy and turn away opportunities that should have come knocking.

Clear The Clutter
As with the entryway, effective Feng Shui is based on ensuring that energy can flow freely throughout your home so clutter will literally suck up the positive energy in a space. A cluttered house also leads to a cluttered mind so get yourself back to a state of Zen by clearing out the things that you do not need in the house.

Use Mirrors To Reflect Energy
A mirror is a powerful way to reflect energy so place mirrors in areas where you would like to increase the flow of energy. Especially in rooms that do not get much natural light, effective use of mirrors can help you brighten and energise the space.

Embrace The Elements
Fundamental to Feng Shui are the five elements: earth, fire, metal, water and wood. When used with perfect balance, they restore harmony and balance in your home by representing all that nature has to offer. You do not have to literally add a water fountain or bring a plant into your home. Instead, you can simply represent the elements using colour, textures and materials which will still attractive positive energy and leave you with a sense of serenity.

Stop Escaping Energy
If you are keeping your pathway open to let energy into your home, the last thing you want is for that energy to shoot straight out the back door. If the front door of your home has a direct pathway straight to the back door, all that Qi energy is simply escaping. Instead, in Feng Shui, you want that Qi energy to be spread throughout your home so that the positive energy can be absorbed as it moves around. So if this is happening in your home, place furniture or some other decorative objects in a closely aligned path to reflect positive energy back into your home.
While embracing the principles of Feng Shui will have a positive impact on your life, sometimes you cannot change aspects of your home that have a negative impact on your Feng Shui. The main thing to focus on is how you feel in your own living space. If you are not feeling calm and at ease in your house, implementing a few techniques behind effective Feng Shui could be all you need to turn your house into a home.

Remember that the secret to good Feng Shui is balance, serenity and inner-peace. That includes your own.