energy efficient home
10 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
25th May 2017

Making sure that your home is energy efficient is not just for those who are passionate about saving the environment. It…

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living room feng shui
Feng Shui For Beginners: Luck & Prosperity Made Easy
9th April 2017

Feng Shui is based on traditional Chinese philosophy which states that every single object in the world possess a special type…

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single storey home
Energy efficient homes and orientation
25th September 2016

Did you know that approximately 35% – 40% of an average household’s energy consumption is used for heating and/or cooling to…

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Designing an Energy Efficient Home
23rd July 2016

When designing a home, one of the principal objectives for a building designer or architect should be that it is a…

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Sustainable Homes – How Important is Orientation of a Home?
1st July 2016

Most Architects and Building Designers do take into consideration the orientation of a home when designing a concept for their clients….

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Snapshot of the 2016 HIA Sydney Home Show
27th June 2016

This year we participated for the first time in the HIA Sydney Home Show. Over 280 exhibitors took part in the…

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Selecting a Builder
29th May 2016

In our first blog post I described in detail a common dilemma in the building industry that leads to disappointments and…

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Do builders underquote for projects?
25th May 2016

Underquoting in the building industry – a common issue The thought of building your dream home should not make you feel anxious,…

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The state of the market!
1st May 2016

Welcome to our new website and particular to our blog. I will post ongoing insights into the state of the building…

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